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water is the best

作者:zldj0101    文章来源:转载    点击数:    更新时间:2010-2-2
   I drink every day to reach a staggering amount of stage, almost all the time in the water, often running toilet. Especially in the days heat, or prolonged intensive speech class when you can drink two liters a day, equivalent to four bottles of mineral water. Every time with friends to go out shopping, people do not spend an afternoon, a toilet, I would like the four or five times. There are a starting point of shyness, and later simply on the self-styled "pee lot," justifiably respond to the call of nature. All these years has been the habit of vaguely felt love to drink water with my body very much related to the maintenance of the original are really behind this scientific basis. One kids know that I lose weight in the collection of information, had presented the well-known medical doctor from the United States F · Batman written "Water is the best medicine." This book is called health care in the United States the Bible, the authors based on years of clinical experience to arrive at a simple but surprising conclusion: many of the root causes of obesity and chronic diseases simply because of physical water scarcity, including the amount is not enough water and drinking the wrong water. Dr. Batman cured by drinking water treatment to more than 3,000 patients, there are a large number of readers have written in the book and photographs contrast, some giant fat actually rely on water to a full minus the more than 100 kilograms! These people to lose weight before they are fond of sweet carbonated drinks and coffee, but these are not the body really needs, and they contain a large number of dehydration factor will not only allow the rapid discharge of water into the body, but also took away the body reserves of water. The water is a well-deserved source of life, it provides hydroelectric potential of the brain and various parts of body cells, a direct source of energy for the work. Moreover, according to Dr. Batman say, water is a "clean" energy, it will not accumulate in the body, but excreted with the urine, but also remove toxins from the body. Tiffany silver jewelryHydropower potential of the brain activity is particularly important if the body of water shortage, the brain needs to continue to absorb sugar from the blood glucose to maintain normal operation. When the blood glucose concentration decreased the body's balancing mechanism will send nerve signals to stimulate our eating, in particular, such as starch and protein material easily converted into glucose, which is why we sometimes suddenly want to eat cake or sweets. Or bad food through the liver into glucose to supply the needs of the brain. However, only 20% of the blood circulation will pass through the brain, that is, by only 20% of the blood sugar would be completely broken down. The remaining will be stored the liver and ultimately converted to fat and fat tissue where blood circulation through the store, and the fat cells themselves have also absorbed from the blood sugar into fat. In addition to causing obesity, lack of water and the body, but also easily lead to high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, depression and even cancer. How do I drink it in the end it? First of all, we should avoid drinks containing caffeine and alcohol, particularly in such a carbonated cola drink, these things hardly the water (zero-calorie Diet Coke can not be as water to drink, drink the contrary, it can cause obesity , which is another chapter of my book, a detailed explanation). Dr. Batman would be best to drink purified water, note that this refers to the pure water, meaning it is not sugar water does not contain caffeine and alcohol, which is in line with U.S. standards for drinking water tap water, not that we saw at the supermarket of bottled purified water. XXX brand is called such thing as pure water, purified water, which is distilled water. It removed all the impurities in the water, but also remove the minerals essential for the human body, long-term consumption of a large number of minerals will be taken away by the body itself, resulting in malnutrition. So, my family's drinking bottled water specially selected "Ice Age mineral water" (yesterday, before a meal with friends heard Nongfushangquan corrupt deeds of charitable donations is simply to have been mine, how exactly is going on? Have insider talk about Yao ?), not only rich in minerals necessary for human body, but also weak alkaline to help balance the body to adjust the pH value, but also conducive to weight loss. The light drinking Whitewater too boring, it is recommended to use mineral water, flowers and bubble tea, decaffeinated another fragrance to the body better. If you used to drink some coffee or tea, a cup from a maximum of two cups per day only, and then slowly try to quit. gucci silver braceletsBut we were told that "eight glasses of water a day" concept too abstract, is how much capacity of eight glasses of water? According to this book's argument, the human body require a total of four liters per day (liter) of water around, which is used about 2 liters of urine, so have plenty of moisture to the supply of kidneys less pressure. Healthy urine should be transparent, slightly yellow, fat people or people with chronic diseases, urine is dark yellow. In addition there is a rise rather than with the respiratory evaporation, the remaining part through the sweat and skin surface moisture evaporation loss. But in order to maintain normal intestinal motility, faeces may carry some water. In the hot climate, the body will need more water. But this is not to say that we drink four liters of water a day, because metabolism and food from 2 liters of water, while another 2 liters of water added should be adopted. So you figure it is estimated that the majority of people are drinking less, and there are many of them are very thirsty to drink only a little, this time the body had been in a state of dehydration. The best drinking law should be: • get up a cup of honey and warm water or warm light brine to supplement the water evaporation during sleep, wake up bodily functions to help the liver and kidney detoxification; • a cup of half an hour before each meal, so that water is fully absorbed the formation of gastric juice, so that the stomach to digest food well prepared. This will not only be able to control food intake, but also to prevent bloating, heartburn, colitis and constipation and other problems; (Note: With regard to drink soup before eating the scientific basis for the other chapters there is a detailed analysis.) • 2 hours after meals drink 250-400 ml of water, so that can promote satiety hormone secretion, increased intestinal digestive function, but can also prevent the body because of lack of water resulting from a false sense of hunger; • to maintain uninterrupted day to add moisture, especially for prior to physical activity. The after strenuous exercise is not big mouth water, slowly add water to the small mouth, usually it's best to drink small streams. However, in severe cases of constipation, it can be drank a few big mouth with warm water, to stimulate the intestines to help defecation very effective; • Whether the weather be hot, girls do not drink ice water to keep the body warm, blood-gas flow is sufficient to lose weight the fundamental; • easy to edema of people for four hours before going to bed to avoid the water, and go to the hospital if there are problems check the kidney function. Because drinking more, urinating in the process will take away the body's minerals, Batman, Dr. suggest that you add some salt per day (crude salt). But I think often eat out to eat salty already, to add minerals to use mineral water to soak through the flowers and tea, and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in minerals, seafood. I myself also felt more often to run the toilet after drinking, in fact, is also a species of consumption of calories. Otherwise, many working long hours sitting in front of the computer does not move, combined with lazy posture is incorrect, it is easy to lower body fat. Taking advantage of the opportunity to get up on the toilet stretch their body, walked back and forth over high-heeled shoes and walk the calories consumed and the invisible in between. Postscript: Many students asked me to drink, so come over here to share the draft should first explore. With regard to how much water to drink every day in the end there are many different versions, but I based on their own experience and this book provides the scientific data, that 2 liters is more reasonable. Who are interested can find this book to look at, but some part of the well-written and difficult, I have this article be considered a simple version of the popular entry. The book that some views are extreme, as if crippling water can be used to treat, in fact, water is important, the overall balance of diet is more to attention.Tiffany Charms online
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